The Russo-Ukrainian War: Stirred up a wave of drones!
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Foreign countries are frantically purchasing drones from China, and China has even imposed export controls on drones.

At present, various types of small UAVs have become the core weapons in the Russia-Ukraine war. The frontline troops of both Russia and Ukraine use small UAVs for reconnaissance, artillery reconnaissance, bombing and suicide strike missions, and even use more Advanced long-range drones are used to attack infrastructure targets in deep areas far away from the front lines.

According to Russian media reports, the Ukrainian armed forces were frantically scanning the global market not long ago, purchasing drones through cross-border transactions on the AliExpress platform. What is particularly noticeable is that Ukrainian buyers purchased about 10 drones from the Eastern country. Thousands of very cheap FPV traversing machines, as well as a large number of drone components.


This small weapon may be another weapon that can change the battlefield in the Russia-Ukraine war. At present, on the front lines of the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield, both sides have a large number of suicide drones modified from brand-name FPV flying aircraft. This FPV suicide drone is composed of a cheap FPV traversal machine, VR glasses and handle control. It is equipped with an armor-piercing warhead of RPG7 rockets under the fuselage, or an RKG-3 anti-tank grenade, or 82mm mortar shells, and anti-infantry directed mines. Its modification cost is only US$500, and its hit rate can exceed 80%.

The suicide drone combined with an FPV traversing machine and an artillery shell has a pretty good strike effect. The drone pilot is like playing a game, equipped with VR glasses and controlling the flight of the drone from a first-person perspective. Soldiers can control the suicide drone to directly track enemy tanks and armored vehicles, and even fly into buildings. , find the target and start the explosion.


The FPV suicide drone modified from the FPV traversing machine may be another new type of ammunition that can affect the course of the war, following weapons such as Javelin missiles, Seamass rocket launchers and four-axis drones. FPV suicide drones can achieve precise strikes through the operation of VR glasses, and can effectively kill exposed infantry and moving tanks and armored vehicles by carrying powerful directional mines or RPG warheads.

Ukraine believes that the combat effectiveness of suicide drones modified from FPV flying aircraft far exceeds the "Switchblade" 300 suicide drones provided by the United States to the Ukrainian army. The main reason is that the warhead of the "Switch Blade" 300 is too small, only equivalent to the power of a grenade, which cannot hit heavy armor. The second reason is that it is too expensive. The "Switchblade" 300 actually sells for 6,000 US dollars.


The suicide drone modified by the FPV flying machine is simply too cheap. The total cost of an FPV suicide drone does not exceed 500 US dollars, which is only 10% of the "Switchblade" 300 suicide drone supported by the United States. one.

The price of the FPV ride-through machine is extremely low. The cheapest FPV ride-through machine may reduce the cost to less than 1,000 yuan. The parts assembled by yourself are even cheaper, maybe only a few hundred yuan. Even if a branded FPV travel machine is used, plus VR glasses and warheads, the overall average cost can be reduced to 2,000 to 3,000 yuan.

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