3K High strength carbon fiber sheet for sale

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  • Company : Dongguan Jinhong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Less Density
  • Light weight and high Strength
  • High modulus
  • High temperature resistance
  • Fatigue resistance

Product Details



If you want to order our products, please tell us about the product information, including inner diameter, outer diameter, length,dimensional tolerance, quantity, structural requirements, surface finish, surface pattern, material, processing technology, etc.

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 1.Factory directly offer,

 2.competitive price Integrity management,obtaining BV certification

 3.High-quality materials (choose Japanese Toray materials)

 4.Offer testing report , Timely delivery 

 5.Offer processing service :punched, drilled, sawed, sheared

 6.Support small batch customization

 7.ODM/OEM/OBM service is accepted

Dongguan Jinhong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Jane

Department: International sale department

Post: Manager

Telephone: +86-18664149308

Landline: +86-18665969188

Company Address: No. 13, Shixing Street, Luwu, Chashan Town, Dongguan

Factory Address: No. 13 Shixing Street Luwu Chashan Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province China


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