Hurricane-50 Tactical UAV : Low-altitude, high-speed surprise defence

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UAV / Tactical UAV / suicide drone

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Low-altitude, high-speed surprise defence capability
  • High reliability, easy manoeuvrability, good pneumatic performance
  • Fully automatic operation provides users with more convenient and reliable control, more flexible applications
  • Capable of multiple simultaneous launches
  • Taxi take-off and landing; catapult take-off; launch vehicle take-off

Product Details

Hurricane-50 Tactical UAV

Payload:20 Kg

Dynamical System:130CC Twin-cylinder piston EFI gasoline engine

Guidance System:Beidou or GPS

Max Flight Distance:540 Kilometers

Flight Altitude:4300 Meters

Cruising Speed:155 km / h

Max Penetration Speed:180 km / h

Flight Weight:50 Kg

Length:2.8 Meters

Wingspan:1.8 Meters

Control Distance:50KM

Dongguan Jinhong Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

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